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#MDXMonday: Finding the Current Day

This week I’m teaching the Pragmatic Works Intro to MDX virtual training class. A student in the class asked how they could find the current day sales amount using MDX (no SSAS functionality) and I thought this was a worthy blog topic. This solution assumes that the cube is processed at least once a day as the query you’re about to see returns the last day in the cube that we data for.

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The first part is where the most work takes place. I created a named set to identify

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#MDXMonday: Previous Year Month to Date Calculation

I recently had a client give us a call asking for helping creating a calculation in her cube to show the month to date value for the previous year. Here’s the basics of the calculation I created.

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This calculation involve two parts. First we must create a calculation that figures the month to date value of the measure in question. To do this I used the MTD function along with Continue reading #MDXMonday: Previous Year Month to Date Calculation

#MDXMonday: Calculate Daily Average Sales

Creating an SSAS MDX calculations for daily average sales is a pretty common requirement I’ve come across as a consultant for Pragmatic Works and as the instructor for Pragmatic Works Introduction to MDX class. Because of this and the fact that many people often come to me with their MDX challenges, I’ve decided to start a series of blog posts covering these challenges and experiences both as a reference for myself and other and also as a way to give back to the community. These examples will be done using the Adventure Works cube unless otherwise stated. Some of these will be simple and some will be more complicated but I hope you will enjoy learning a little bit about MDX as much I do so lets begin!

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